This is just a brief sample of the spectacular questions we collected from children to inspire our educational materials.

These questions are originating from our sample of kids and youth aged 6 to 14. We have a whole database (thousands!) of them; and as we gathered it, we came to realise that while many of these questions sound a lot like the ones we asked when we were that age, we still don’t actually know all the answers as adults. Do you?

  1. How does animal poison work?
  2. How many litres of water are necessary to save a whale on the shore?
  3. What are people and animals cloned for?
  4. Why do we want to know things?
  5. Does God use the internet?
  6. Where does the water in the rivers and oceans come from?
  7. How is it possible that God has always existed?
  8. Is it possible to survive a black hole?
  9. Why do we walk on two legs?
  10. What did people eat and drink in ancient Egypt?
  11. What are humans made out of?
  12. Did dinosaurs live in Poland?
  13. Who comes up with street names?
  14. Why do people protest on streets sometimes?
  15. How do you negotiate for the latest Renault Laguna?
  16. Why does avid explode when mixed with water rather than with more acid?
  17. Are computers intelligent or stupid?
  18. Why does very salty water push objects to the surface?
  19. Are dinosaurs still alive underground?
  20. How long with the Sun be sufficient for?
  21. Do computers know languages?
  22. What does a child psychologist do?
  23. What happens in court?
  24. Is it difficult to make chemical mixtures?
  25. Why are there wars in the world?
  26. Why do we have knees?
  27. Why is air transparent?
  28. Why do women give birth to children among humans, but among seahorses, it is the male that gives birth?
  29. Why does lighting a match create fire?
  30. Do humans continue evolving?
  31. What can I do when I don’t feel well?
  32. What is the meaning of life?
  33. Is a black hole a pipe to another dimension?
  34. Is white a colour?
  35. What to our genes say about our past?
  36. What happens during a nuclear explosion?
  37. Since when has punk rock existed, and who invented it?
  38. What do we need the Moon for?
  39. What will be in the future?
  40. What will happen with the Sun in 3 billion years?
  41. Why can we manage just fine in a strange city?
  42. Why was there only one program per day on television in the past?
  43. Will there be any aircrafts that are faster than light?
  44. Can we learn physics on the football pitch?
  45. How is it possible that an aircraft rises?
  46. Do animals ever get bored?
  47. How is it possible that we can talk?
  48. If we kept on digging underground, would we ever reach the nucleus of the Earth?
  49. Is American populated only by Americans?
  50. Where do ideas come from?
  51. What will happen in the future?
  52. What is the weight of the Sun and of the Moon?
  53. Why are boys shy with girls?
  54. Why do people get older?
  55. How was the first human cell created?
  56. Why is water wet to the touch?
  57. Will the internet one day be able to conquer the minds of other civilisations’ inhabitants?
  58. Is the bass violin an adult violin?
  59. Does time pass in the Universe the same way it does on Earth?
  60. What is it like in the Universe?
  61. What makes people poor?
  62. Why do we attend school?
  63. When will people be able to live under water?
  64. Does the Universe have borders?
  65. Why are the eyes of people gelled over?
  66. Why do we catch a cold sometimes?
  67. Is there only one type of mathematics?
  68. Which planet is the coldest?
  69. Why do girls prefer to have long hair?
  70. What moves the Earth?
  71. How difficult was work in ancient Rome?
  72. How many grains of sand are in the world?
  73. Was technology used in ancient times?
  74. Do adults have to listen to someone?
  75. What is interesting in the sky when it is observed?
  76. Who gave birth to God?
  77. How were hot and cold created?
  78. Is reality really real?
  79. What happens with an animal soul when it dies?
  80. Why are we more clever than robots?
  81. How much time does it take for a rocket to fly into space and what happens with it next?
  82. How is it possible that an opera singer has such a strong voice?
  83. Are apes wiser than people?
  84. What will the next inventions related to the internet be like?
  85. How many teeth does a crocodile have?
  86. How did children live time ago?
  87. Is there a second Earth somewhere?
  88. What would happen if a car driving at the light speed would turn its headlights on?
  89. How can we fight hunger in the world?
  90. How does someone become hypnotised?
  91. Will I get a job when I grow up?
  92. Why are dinosaurs named in Latin?
  93. What does lightning have on the inside?
  94. What is beyond the Universe?
  95. Why is there no oxygen in the Universe?
  96. What are chewing gum and other bogey toys made from?
  97. How is an invention invented?
  98. How did people invent glass?
  99. How do we know that something is good or bad?
  100. Why do bears and hedgehogs fall asleep for winter?
  101. Which drug would be preferably invented?
  102. Why can’t we exceed the lines in a notebook?
  103. Why do ships sink and aircrafts fall in the Bermuda Triangle?
  104. Which animal existed first?
  105. Why are Frenchmen French and Englishmen English?
  106. Does a day on the Moon last as long as a day on Earth?
  107. How do our bones keep together?
  108. Are the scientists who are interested in sports?
  109. What is a recently discovered fruit?
  110. Who can become a scientist?
  111. How is it possible that we see a blue sky, whereas the Universe is black?
  112. When is a stone noble?
  113. Who invented chemistry?
  114. What are Italians saying with their hands?
  115. Why do cows get “mad?”
  116. How do bees learn?
  117. Why are lakes, streams, seas, and oceans made out of water?
  118. Are seals cold?
  119. Who determined the borders?
  120. How are crabs built?
  121. How many insects are there on Earth?
  122. Why are people something else than only skin, meat and bones, but they are able to move, speak and think?
  123. Why does my grandma have knee pains?
  124. Who invented school and why did they do it?
  125. Is it worth believing in something like the lottery?
  126. Why can you bounce on a trampoline?
  127. Why do people keep and breed plants and animals in cages, whereas plants and animals do not do anything to people?
  128. What can I do so that my teeth don’t go bad?
  129. Why do worms multiply so rapidly?
  130. How quickly can you go?
  131. Why are there fairy tales and why are invented stories told?
  132. How does music come out of CDs?
  133. What is our brain able to do?
  134. Can different stones affect the comfort and mood of people?
  135. What exactly happens with our waste?
  136. When does one become a scientist?
  137. What are the smallest computers in the world?
  138. What man was the first ape in the world?
  139. How was science created?
  140. Until when did the kings have power and when was it taken over by presidents?
  141. Why doesn’t gravity work on other planets?
  142. What is the latest discovery of scientists in the 21st century?
  143. Who invented money?
  144. Can we see the past?
  145. Where is “the sky” and where is space?
  146. Does a computer have a heart?
  147. How many drops of water are in all the oceans on the world?
  148. In how many days can we go around the Earth?
  149. Does everyone in the world drink Coca-Cola?
  150. What do people live for?
  151. How much does a photon weigh?
  152. Are the penalties necessary?
  153. Why does hydrogen act as a bomb?
  154. Who invented toys and plays and what do we play for?
  155. Why do we eat various parts of various vegetables (for example, the carrot root, rather than its leaves or flowers)?
  156. Am I unique?
  157. What will happen when I bend over backwards?
  158. How do birds know when to fly to warm countries?
  159. How is music created?
  160. Why is politics a touchy subject?
  161. What is a side rotation of a ball?
  162. What is probability?
  163. Can our solar system fall into a black hole?
  164. Why do some languages sound funny?
  165. Why do we follow fashion?
  166. What are the dos and don’ts for Police?
  167. Who determines the law?
  168. Why does the Earth shake sometimes?
  169. Who invented the names of all the countries?
  170. How do computers compose a message?
  171. What is space made out of?
  172. What remedy is in a medicine ball?
  173. What are colours?
  174. Why does everything know how to grow/live?
  175. Can a new animal be born to the world one day?
  176. If we use the water how is it possible that it is available all the time?
  177. Why must the man sleep?
  178. How many races of guinea pigs are there?
  179. Why is someone allowed to tell me what to do?
  180. What did the world look like before it existed?
  181. How many volts does a thunderstorm have?
  182. Where does air on Earth come from?
  183. What do musical instruments come from?
  184. Can children fly to space?
  185. How did we start using electricity?
  186. Are scientists of the opinion that a world with flying cars or robots, for example, can be created one day?
  187. Will it be possible to visit the Universe?
  188. How were horses created?
  189. What is oxygen and how is it created?
  190. For how many years have the spelling principles been binding and why are they so complicated?
  191. Why do we dream while we sleep?
  192. Why does a baboon have a violet rear?
  193. How is it possible that the Universe was once the size of a fist?
  194. In how many years will the Sun go down?
  195. Can we think illogically?
  196. Why do men and some women have a moustache?
  197. Why do we get bored?
  198. How do we know who is guilty when nobody admits to what was done?
  199. Why does the Earth consist of slabs?
  200. Can plants communicate with each other?
  201. Why don’t some substances explode when mixed?
  202. How are images created in our mind?
  203. What is actually good and bad?
  204. Why do humans cry, but animals don’t?
  205. What was the Columbus family like?
  206. Why do we have 5 fingers rather than 4?
  207. Can we move forwards or backwards in time?
  208. Where does toothpaste come from?
  209. Can we can see the sounds?
  210. How to become the richest man of the world?
  211. Why do the medusas burn?
  212. Can we die and be born again?
  213. How does a remedy work?
  214. Did fish really come ashore?
  215. Why does fish not have pulmonary?
  216. Why are animals so different from each other?
  217. How many years are necessary to create an international space station?
  218. Do computers commit errors?
  219. How is it possible that birds fly?
  220. What is gold made out of?
  221. What are stones made out of?
  222. What exactly is physics?
  223. Why do people sleepwalk?
  224. What will happen with a piece of chalk if it gets lit on fire?
  225. Why can’t we see currents?
  226. Can I still study when I am nervous?
  227. Why do cuticles grow around the nails?
  228. How come glass doesn’t get soaked?
  229. What is the sky we can see above us?
  230. How does a car gearbox work?
  231. How is an aurora created?
  232. Why do pyramids have a conical shape?
  233. What do different customs come from?
  234. What does an octopus make paint from?
  235. Can children with ADHD think normally?
  236. How did we fly to the Moon?
  237. What do we do while we sleep?
  238. When did we invent football?
  239. Who invented the right and the left sides?
  240. How does a computer know what to do?
  241. Why does brain think, rather than heart?
  242. What does bending a ball consist of?
  243. Can we clone a dinosaur?
  244. How are messages transmitted over facsimile?
  245. How do scientists know that olives have 2,000 years if they cannot see their rings?
  246. How much time does it take for a man to burn on the Sun?
  247. Why will the events in my life never repeat?
  248. Is the work of a scientist difficult?
  249. What is energy made from?
  250. Can we get into the inside of the Earth?
  251. Why do dreams come true when a star falls?
  252. Why does a horse sleep while standing?
  253. In how many years will the Earth cease to exist?
  254. Why were teachers invented?
  255. Can nervous cells commit errors?
  256. Where does water in rivers and oceans come from?
  257. How do mobile phones work?
  258. How many colours does the world have?
  259. Why is the air invisible?
  260. What is the highest number of the world?
  261. Why is football so popular?
  262. Can a computer understand me?
  263. Why are there different seasons of the year and do they have to be in the order the are?
  264. Can we breathe with other gas?
  265. What are feelings?
  266. Why are tails often dangerous?
  267. How many dimensions does the space-time continuum have ?
  268. Who invented the word “mum?”
  269. How many muscles does a person have?
  270. Why is it cold at night in a hot desert?
  271. Where do horses come from?
  272. How is it possible that we can communicate by emails?
  273. Why do frogs jump rather than fly?
  274. When was school created and what for?
  275. Is it possible to draw every physical figure?
  276. How many diseases are there?
  277. Is it true that in everything flies in a rocket, especially people?
  278. Why do people differ between each other?
  279. Why does the Moon look sometimes like a croissant?
  280. How does one become a wise businesswoman or sharp businessman?
  281. Are there any primary schools for scientists?
  282. How did the Incas die?
  283. Why are apes similar to people?
  284. How do animals understand our language?
  285. How many human lifeforms are there on Earth?
  286. Will there be no school one day?
  287. Why do trees breathe with carbon dioxide?
  288. What can we do when everybody is arguing?
  289. How are supernovas formed?
  290. Do stars die?
  291. Why is a rainbow always the same shape?
  292. How should you divide your pocket money well?
  293. How does insurance operate?
  294. Did snakes have legs a long time ago?
  295. Why do plastic bags decompose for so long?
  296. Why does the euro cost so many dollars?
  297. How does an X-ray work?
  298. Why is sugar dissolved in tea?
  299. How can we say everything by means of zero and one?
  300. Why don’t birds die as they sit on electrical lines?
  301. How did the dinosaurs die?


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