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Indulge kids’ inquisitive minds with this simple 10-minute classroom warm up. Curiospirations are 4-step inspirations for interactive, workable answers to kids’ commonly asked questions. 

Step 1) Ask:
“What are emotions?”

Step 2) Watch:
Show the video above to your students.

  • What you’ll see: Various kids talking about how they experience various emotions.
  • Video length: Under 4 minutes.

Step 3) Discuss:
Now, get your students talking. Start with 1-3 questions of your choice:

  • Can we choose our emotions?
  • Why do we have negative emotions (for example, anger)?
  • What influences our emotions?
  • Can emotions be seen?
  • How are emotions expressed?
  • Is it possible to tell what emotions someone else is experiencing? How?
  • What kinds of emotions do you feel on a normal day?

Step 4) Answer:
So, what are emotions?

Your students should now have a strong grasp on how to answer this question. Let them tell you!


There’s more where that came from!


Curiospiration #1: “What are emotions?”

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