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Quick and easy classroom-ready warm-ups, inspired by kids’ curious questions from around the world — updated weekly. 

Step 1) Ask:
“What will happen to the sun in 5 billion years?”

Step 2) Watch:
OPTION 1: Play the video above for your students.

  • What you’ll see: Stunning, ultra-high resolution footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, featuring up-close solar flares and explosions on the Sun.
  • Length: 3 minutes.

OPTION 2: A little extra… 

  • Follow the link to this even cooler video from NASA, via CNN.
  • What you’ll see: Ultra-high resolution footage straight from NASA, depicting the Sun, against a few informative facts you might not have known before. (Psst, did you know the Sun makes up 99.86% of the mass of the entire solar system?)
  • Length: 1 minute.

Step 3) Discuss:
Now, get your students talking. Start with 1-3 questions of your choice:

  • How does the Sun affect the other planets in our Solar System?
  • Why do we need the Sun?
  • What would life be like without the Sun?
  • Why is life possible on Earth? What do living organisms on Earth need to survive?
  • Will we ever have to leave Earth? Why?

Step 4) Answer:
So, what will happen to the Sun in 5 billion years?

Your students should now have a strong grasp on how to answer this question. Let them tell you!


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Curiospiration #7: “What will happen to the sun in 5 billion years?”

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